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Consult with your physician before adjusting the dosage as this information is preliminary and based on Eli Lilly dosing instructions. It appears that most physicians are being very cautious and thus underdosing. This will be quite noticeable with people who have been on stimulants. It also appears to take a while for Strattera to start working. It might be advisable to continue the stimulant, and then taper it as the impact of Strattera is made. Contact our team to discuss your needs. The Panorama City Hotel Motel successfully caters to weddings, graduations, 21st birthdays, anniversaries - you let us know what you are celebrating and we will make it a celebration to remember. Europeans, Allen noted, are more skeptical of ADHD diagnoses and so are quicker to sound the alarm about potential ADHD drug problems. Studies of treatment acceptability among parents of children with ADHD are reviewed here. These studies have employed a variety of measures: 1 Treatment Evaluation Inventory TEI, 24 26 2 Modified TEI, 27 3 Adapted TEI Short Form, 28 4 Treatment Acceptability Questionnaire TAQ, 29 5 ADHD Knowledge and Opinion Scale AKOS, 30 6 Modified AKOS, 31 and 7 AKOS-Revised AKOS-R. 32 The commonalities and differences between these scales with regard to the measurement of the acceptability construct are summarized in Table 1. All scales ask respondents to rate their agreement with a series of statements, and all generate a total score, with higher scores indicating greater acceptability. Unlike versions of the TEI and TAQ, which have a single scale that can be completed in reference to various treatment options/modalities, versions of the AKOS have separate scales that are specific for medication acceptability, psychosocial treatment acceptability, and psychosocial treatment feasibility.
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